The Definition of News


News is information whose purpose is to inform, educate and entertain. It can be found in newspapers, magazines and radio and television programs. In general, news should be clear, interesting and accurate so that readers can be guided by it.

The Definition of News

A news article is a written piece that reports on a recent event, containing all the relevant facts and figures, and is delivered in a concise manner. It is often used by journalists when writing a feature or special section of their newspaper, but it can also be used for other purposes such as announcing an event or providing a brief synopsis of the events surrounding it.

It is a form of communication that travels through different communication media, such as radio, television and the internet. It can be a report on a local event that is important to the community or an international one that has a wide impact.

The first and most obvious requirement for a news article to be considered news is that it must not have been previously published in print. This is because news articles are often the most important part of a newspaper and should be delivered to readers before other articles.

Another criteria for news to be considered is that it must have a strong impact. A news story with a strong impact will likely be picked up by a larger media organization, and will receive more attention than other stories.

A story can be newsworthy if it is: New and unusual (such as an insect living on a plant for the first time), interesting, significant, about people or local, timely or scandalous. It is not necessarily the most newsworthy story in the world, but it will be one that most readers want to hear about.

Proximity, timeliness and prominence are the three most common factors that influence news value. For example, a research project on a state tax code may not be newsworthy in other states but is important to the journalist who conducted the research. It is also more likely that a story with an undertone of political or social conflict will generate interest within a particular community than it would in another.

Using MarComm before publication allows the journalist to focus on the newest element of the story and emphasize its significance. It also ensures that the article is delivered on-time to consumers who demand information as soon as possible.

In addition, it helps to place quotes from key people in the news story at specific points of the article so that the reader can easily follow the story’s flow. The quote can be in a direct or paraphrased manner and must be attributed to the source where it was obtained.

The information in a news article is usually obtained through a variety of methods, such as interviews with sources, searching government documents and looking at old articles. The information must be accurate and the reporter must cite where the information was obtained to provide readers with a clear picture of the event.